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How much does it really cost to own a car?

Calculating the cost of a car is deceptively hard. Car cost calculator helps you graph the financials of owning a car. Answer questions like which car to buy? Is this car in my budget? Is it cheaper to buy or to rent? And best of all, it's free to use!

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Ownership Costs with time

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Car Price and Depreciation

If you're buying a new car, how much is it costing you? If you're buying used, put in the original brand new price and see how much you should pay for it based on the number of years it has been used.
Depreciation is how quickly a car looses value. Most cars depreciate at known rates ranging from 20% to 30%. While 20% is a fair rate for most vehicles.


How much does fuel cost where you live?
How much do you expect to drive your car?
Most cars have a fuel rating. Find out yours and enter it here

Recurring Costs

How much does it cost to get your vehicle renewed and licenced for the roads?
Call an insurance company to figure out how much you'll be spending on insurance for your car
Now this is really hard to tell. If you have experience owning a car and know how much it costs to maintain, you can use that number. If you're not sure, either leave it blank or make a guess.


Avg Cost Over 10 Years

Depreciation (Avg.) - -
Fuel - -
Maintenance - -
Registration - -
Insurance - -
Yearly Avg Cost - -
Monthly Avg Cost - -
Daily Avg Cost - -
10 Year Cost - -

Cost To Own by Year

Year 1 - -
Year 2 - -
Year 3 - -
Year 4 - -
Year 5 - -
Year 6 - -
Year 7 - -
Year 8 - -
Year 9 - -
Year 10 - -

Car depreciation with time

The caclulator uses exponential depreciation is used to calclate the cost of depreciation and the asset value of a car over time.

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